We are proud to inform you that Ayurveda Balance Center Zagreb has established a collaboration with Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital in New Delhi, a reputed hospital whose unique approach to health integrates ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with insights from modern medicine.

By signing a contract with Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda Balance Health Center elevates its services to an even higher level, enabling its patients to have a continuous contact with Ayurvedic physicians from that hospital, who professionally apply Ayurvedic principles to improve the quality and well being of patients’ lives.

The approach of Maharishi Ayurveda’s experts emphasizes prevention – they are trained to eradicate the disease before it even occurs, and their extensive clinical experience will greatly contribute to maintaining your health.

Appointments with Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital physicians

Our Doctor Rajat Sharma has also become part of the Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital team and will be examining his existing and new patients along with other doctors.

Due to limited capacities, we offer you appointment dates for pulse diagnosis for the upcoming quarter. Consider which terms would fit you the best and find time for yourself and your health.

Period of Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital Medical Residences at Ayurveda Balance Center Zagreb:

10. 9. – 27/09/2019 | 10. 10. – 10. 12. 2019. | January 15, 2020 – February 15, 2020

Please select the desired date within the stated periods and book your appointment by contacting us on: +385 1 4638 993, +385 91 4638 993, info@ayurveda-balance.hr

We are available for all your inquiries and look forward to meeting you again!


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According to Ayurveda, it is extremely important to align one’s diet to the seasons. Autumn is the beginning of the dominance of Vata dosha, which is by nature dry, cool, light, mobile and subtle. In the fall the there is less sun, it is getting colder and windier. These circumstances increase Vata dosha. Digestive fire – agni, can be reduced or disturbed. In order to balance Vata, we need to eat food that pacifies it.

We should increase the intake of healthy fats, such as ghee and sesame or olive oil. Our menu should include more warm protein-rich foods, such as nutritious soups and stews. Breakfast should also be warm – cooked oatmeal should be your go to choice. If you add dried fruits and nuts in it, be sure to soak them in warm water overnight.

For lunch and dinner we should also eat warm stews, soups, cereals ans steamed vegetables. As most pulses will increase Vata dosha, Ayurveda recommends avoiding them in the fall. The exceptions are mung dal and brown lenses. We should cook with spices such as pepper, ginger, cumin, turmeric, curry, garam masala, asafoetida, mustard, cinnamon and nutmeg, as they heat the body.

We should make a habit of drinking hot teas with ginger. Before going to bed a cup of warm milk with turmeric, nutmeg or cinnamon and good quality milk will make a big difference.

Daily exercise is a must. Persons of vata constitution should take care of circulation, joint and signs of cracking or drying of the skin. We strongly recommend abhaynga – massage with warm sesame oil. The oil will nourish the skin, bones and joints.

These are, of course, just general tips. To obtain detailed instructions for your individual constitution, we recommend an individual consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Autenthic Ayurveda in Zagreb, Croatia

Ayurveda Balance Health Center is the first Ayurvedic center in Zagreb, Croatia whose programme includes all that is needed to fully comprehend and apply the Ayurvedic approach towards health, which states that health is not just the absence of a disease, but a state of emotional, psychological and spiritual wholeness.

The procedures that we use in order to restore your bio-physiology to its original state are completely natural.

We offer:

  • consultations with  top Ayurvedic physicians
  • consultations with an allopathic physician
  • Ayurvedic treatments and detox-therapies, according to your individual needs
  • EU certified Ayurvedic supplements
  • Ayurvedic diet guidelines
  • lectures and workshops on Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic science
  • daily fresh organic Ayurvedic vegetarian meals at our club restaurant

We truthfully follow Ayurvedic principles – we are in possession of unique, authentic recipes; specific herbal concoctions and certified Ayurvedic supplements. Our expert team consists of people who have been studying Ayurveda for many years and we apply it always taking into consideration the conditions of life of a modern man.

The knowledgeable experts assembled around our Center have united their vast experience in an effort to offer an all-embracing view of Ayurvedic medicine and its achievements.

Ayurveda Balance Health Center is the culmination of the owner’s Tina Carić life path. The Center is a successor of Ayurvedic Center Ganesh (2000-2015) and the New Earth Health Center (2016 – 2018), whose work has helped thousands of users to resolve long-term health problems and prevent the emergence of new ones.

However, the value of our team is best described by our astounding results and by many satisfied clients.

Working hours:
Monday – Friday
09 – 20h