Ajurvedski tretmani

Head treatments

Deep relaxation and regeneration of the nervous system

Shirodhara is probably the most famous Ayurvedic treatment, a unique procedure of pouring a thin stream of herbal oil on the forehead.

It stimulates a relaxed state of consciousness and establishes a psychosomatic balance, which is why it is especially recommended for people with neuropsychological problems. Shirodhara brings a deep relaxation and regeneration of the nervous system.

The treatment lasts 20 – 45 minutes, it improves the quality of sleep, it is useful for high blood pressure, and against migraines and headaches.

Inhalation therapy

Nasya is an inhalation therapy for sinuses and upper respiratory tract. It consists of several procedures, starting with a gentle massage of the head, face and chest with warm oil, followed by inhalation of different herbal preparations. It also includes gargling of sea water and inhaling the smoke of turmeric plant. Nasya is prescribed for almost all problems with the ears, nose and throat.

Its effectiveness is not limited to the area above the neck but is useful for the entire body – it stimulates the entire nervous system, especially the cranial nerves, and also maintains the function of the endocrine glands. Nasya also has an aesthetic effect – it reduces premature graying and hair loss and generally slows down the aging process of the face and body.

It opens and clears breathing channels and is a great relief for allergies, sinusitis, migraines, headaches and frequent colds.

For healthier and prettier windows to the soul

Special eye treatment where the eyes are bathed in clarified butter (ghee) or herbal liquids. The treatment is found to be very pleasant, although it last for maximum 5 minutes, due to its rapid effectiveness.

By refreshing the eyes this way, we improve our sight, prevent eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, rashes, glaucoma etc. Also, the effects of the treatment are aesthetically pleasing.

In today’s age of excessive eye strain this ancient treatment helps to solve the problems caused by the computer vision syndrome, with added aesthetic bonus – it removes puffy eye bags and makes eyes clearer and shinier.