Pulse diagnosis

Foundation of Ayurvedic diagnostics

Pulse diagnosis is an ancient method of diagnosing health condition by listening to the radial artery pulse. Ayurvedic physician puts 3 fingers on patient’s wrist and traces minimal differences in quality, intensity and temperature which inform him on the state of the main organs, tissues and energy channels in the body. Through all this information the physician gains insight into possible imbalance in the organism. The points where the pulse is checked lie on energy lines connected with all organs and Ayurvedic physicians have been training for years to read them properly.

Pulse diagnosis is the main procedure of Ayurvedic diagnostics and the base of therapy planning. The procedure identifies and diagnoses imbalances that have not yet manifested as disease.

A disease manifests itself through 6 stages – accumulation, aggravation, dissemination, localization, manifestation and complication. Western medicine detects and deals with last two stages of a disease, whereas Ayurveda detects the disease in its principal stage, which allows for prevention. Preventive value of pulse diagnosis is in eradicating minor imbalances and preventing them from turning into serious ones.

The consultation which includes the pulse diagnosis lasts 45 minutes and further includes:

  • prakriti (dosha type) and vikriti (dosha imbalance) analysis
  • Ayurvedic diet guidelines for following 1-3 months
  • personalized recipes for herbal concoctions, based on your specific dosha imbalance
  • personalized recommendations for daily routine
  • personalized recommendations for yoga and pranayama practise (if needed)
  • a therapy plan of EU certified organic Ayurvedic supplements (if needed)
  • a plan of further Ayurvedic therapies (if needed)

On the day of the appointment the clients are advised to refrain from coffee, alcoholic beverages and narcotics, because they impede adequate diagnostic.

Nor pulse diagnosis nor treatments should be done during the menstrual cycle.


First consultation prices:

  • adults: 85 €
  • children: 55 €

Control consultation prices:

  • adults: 75 €
  • children: 40 €

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