Club restaurant

Taste the health!

The imaginative creations of our chefs will delight everyone who enjoys a rich palate of Indian cuisine and is aware of the health benefits of the Ayurvedic principles of food preparation.

All our meals are prepared according to the doctor’s instructions and follow your individualized diet plan, which is determined according to your constitutional type – dosha and the type of dosha imbalance.

All ingredients used in our kitchen are organically grown, because Ayurvedic cooking is rooted in the ideas of holistic health and disease prevention, that can not be attained while eating factory-processed food.

Ayurvedic cuisine is amazing new tasty world as Ayurvedic meal respondes to all 6 flavors receptors and satisfies most demanding gourmets.

Daily, Ayurveda Balance Club restaurant prepares meals for our members.


Seasonal vegetable soup or dhala
Cereals (bulgur, quinoa, basmati rice, barley, millet, amaranth, couscous, buckwheat)
Legumes (dhal, chickpeas, lentils, beans)
Sabji from seasonal vegetables
Vegetable mixture or fritters
Fruit chutney with spices
Freshly squeezed juice / lassi

If you are not able to eat in the restaurant, we can provide you with a take-out meal or delivery to your address.

Visit us upon announcement latest by 10 AM on the same day.  Meals for Monday have to be announced by message, latest at 10PM on Sunday.

Voice: +385 1 4638 993 (working hours Mo-Fr: 8.00 AM – 4:00PM)

Message: +385 91 4638 993 (content of the message: your name, number of meals)


Restaurant hours: Monday to Friday: 12:00 -14: 00 h
Address: Preradovićeva 20, Zagreb


Monday, 10.6.

Dal soup with spinach; quinoa; glazed carrots; zucchini fritters; spicy cauliflower; apple chutney; fruit juice

Tuesday, 11.6.

Kitchari; millet; baked eggplant sprinkled with lemon; bell pepper in sauce; naan; salad mix ; fruit cream chia pudding

Wednesday, 12.6.

Vegetable soup; rice pulao; vegetable fritters; baked carrot; spic broccoli; guacamole; apple and papaya chutney

Thursday, 13.6.

Mung beans vegetable soup; zucchini stuffed with barley and vegetables; carrot croquettes ; dill and yogurt sauce ; sweet balls

Friday; 14.6.

Dal soup; eggplant and tomato curry; lemon rice; chapati; sweet surprise


Please, let us know you’re coming:
+385 1 4638 993; +385 91 4638 993

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If you have questions, need help in familiarizing yourself with Ayurveda or want to support our work please contact us.