Panchakarma in praxis

Ayurveda Balance Health Center is fully equipped to provide a day long service and a full board throughout your therapy. In addition, we offer several types of accommodation, be it in our green oasis in Tuškanac park forest or  in the city center.

Ayurveda Balance abides by Ayurvedic principle which advises that female therapists work with female clients and male therapists with male clients.

In between therapies you will relax in treatment areas listening to relaxing sounds of Gandharva Veda and other calming music. You can also use our library and will be offered a wide variety of teas and other healthy beverages. If interested, you will also be given recommended yoga and breathing exercises.

If the weather permits, clients are advised to go for a short walk, as natural surroundings will aid during the Panchakarma process.

Our expert staff is at your disposal throughout your stay and will gladly answer all your questions.

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If you have questions, need help in familiarizing yourself with Ayurveda or want to support our work please contact us.