Ajurvedski tretmani

Ayurvedic massage

Indispensible part of Ayurvedic daily routine

A gentle synchronous full body oil massage. It stimulates the circulation as well as the process of secretion through the skin, it strengthens the central nervous system, reduces tension and anxiety, improves the quality of sleep, strengthens the muscles, improves digestion, prevents diseases, revitalizes and rejuvenates the whole body.

Being a part of recommended morning routine, Abhyanga is the most widespread Ayurvedic treatment. Daily oil massage revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, nourishes tissues and skin, and centers the spirit.

Woman’s best friend

A synchronous peeling massage performed by two technicians. A special mixture of flour, herbs and oils is prepared depending on your constitutional type -dosha. The treatment has a dual function – it both relaxes and stimulates the body, which is why it is especially recommended for people with a Kapha imbalance who are prone to low energy states.

Udvarthana is considered the best and the healthiest way to lose weight, eliminate cellulite and reduce fat deposits. It stimulates the lymph system and circulation; the specific movements used during the massage help to break down the fat deposits beneath the skin, and the mixture improves the complexion which is why this treatment is particularly favored among women.

This invigorating massage eliminates toxins and is very effective against cellulitis.

Deep tissue massage

Whole body massage performed synchronously by two therapists using increased pressure. The pressure stimulates the circulation, at the same time relaxing all muscles and draining the toxins out.

The treatment breaks up adhesion and improves circulation, removes blockages to increase blood flow, improves digestion and awakens the energy sources. It does wonders on musculoskeletal system, that is why it is most recommended to athletes and people suffering from arthritis.

Relaxing foot massage

Padabhyanga is a revitalizing and relaxing oil massage of vital marma points on the feet and lower leg. Manipulating the marma points, affects the flow of vital energy and allows oxygen/prana to circulate throughout the body.

The treatment last 45 – 60 minutes. It activates immune system; calms the mind; reduces stress; improves peripheral circulation; helps maintain good eyesight and hearing; alleviates foot pain.

Royal luxurious massage for deep relaxation

A gentled body massage that combines two types of therapy – oil therapy and thermal therapy. It is performed under continuous flow of warm herbal oil, which is absorbed through the skin and reaches deep into the tissue. Pizichili represents the most beautiful experience of deep relaxation. It is most often prescribed for the balancing of the spirit and the body and is especially recommended for people with elevated Vata dosha.

In ancient times royal families used Ayurveda for treating illness and as a means of maintaining health and strengthening the immunity. Pizichili was the most luxurious treatment, inaccessible to everyone, which is why it was named ‘the royal massage’.

Pizichili is an ultimate experience in deep relaxation. It induces sweating and helps the elimination of waste – it has even been proved that it eliminates metals such as mercury, that is believed to settle permanently in the body, once it enters.