Royal luxurious massage for deep relaxation

A gentled body massage that combines two types of therapy – oil therapy and thermal therapy. It is performed under continuous flow of warm herbal oil, which is absorbed through the skin and reaches deep into the tissue. Pizichili represents the most beautiful experience of deep relaxation. It is most often prescribed for the balancing of the spirit and the body and is especially recommended for people with elevated Vata dosha.

In ancient times royal families used Ayurveda for treating illness and as a means of maintaining health and strengthening the immunity. Pizichili was the most luxurious treatment, inaccessible to everyone, which is why it was named ‘the royal massage’.

Pizichili is an ultimate experience in deep relaxation. It induces sweating and helps the elimination of waste – it has even been proved that it eliminates metals such as mercury, that is believed to settle permanently in the body, once it enters.

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